The Piano Man 15″ x 15″ Print


Piano Man by Lyle Suter was produced in the early 1950s in Greenwich Village, New York City. The artwork is line art of an entertainer in a 1950s New York City nightclub. Piano Man measures 15 inches by 15 inches. The background is darkened here to frame the image and is brilliant white in the archival print.


“Piano Man” is a 15 inch by 15 inch line artwork (black and white) that was produced by Lyle Suter in the early 1950s. The original artwork was 6 inches by 6 inches. The artwork is a stylized image of an entertainer performing at a night club and reflects Mr. Suter’s interest in music and his immense talent in illustration and cartoons. This complex yet simple line art gives the Piano Man the feeling of movement and energy of a larger band yet he is the only one on stage.

Piano Man is displayed in the Lyle Suter Art Museum in the Private Collection exhibit in the New York City (NYC)1950 section along with photos taken by Mr. Suter of 1950s NYC. The NYC section is immediately after the introductory photos of Mr. Suter at his homes in the early 1950s in New York City and in the 2000s in Palm Desert, CA.


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