Lyle Suter Archival Prints

Archival printing is a technique that provides an unsurpassed level of accuracy in fine art reproduction. Sometimes also referred to as a “giclee”, the prints are created from a digital scan of an existing original painting and printed using a highly sophisticated and accurate printing technique. All Lyle Suter archival prints are produced by Visual Arts Imaging in Palm Springs, CA.

Visual Arts Imaging (VAI) is a global leader in visual arts services with a flagship production facility headquartered in Palm Springs, California. The founder, Gary Kerr, has a lifetime of achievement in advanced art imaging technologies and has provided visual arts services to artists and organizations in 17 countries. VAI offers superior visual arts services to the fine art trade worldwide with locations in Palm Springs, Montréal, Moscow, Prague, Sydney, Brisbane, and Hong Kong, To maximize the beauty of your Lyle Suter archival print, we recommend acrylic glass face mounting. For information about VAI and acrylic glass face mounting please go to the VAI website:

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